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Being able to accept payments from your customer is an important part in the success of a company. Let us help you set up merchant processing.

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We offer our clients a safe and secure way to make payments with end-to-end encryption helping protect customers and businesses from fraud.

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TruHarbor is proud to offer CBD merchant accounts to our customers so that they can receive the benefits of accepting credit card transactions.

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eCommerce, Dispensary, Mobile Credit Card Processing for CBD payments on the go

Now CDB businesses have the chance to accept more than cash and debit cards. TruHarbor is working with you so that you can accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express

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Why is cbd still being considered high risk?

Currently there are three major reasons that CBD products remain high risk: legislation, risk of chargebacks, and reputation risk. Even with currently legislation in favor, the topic is still slightly taboo.

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TruHarbor: Your Business Is Your Own

Our representatives know the most effective ways to assist in opening your merchant account so you can begin processing payments as soon as possible. Our methods have gotten thousands of CBD payment gateways approved.

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