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We specialize in quickly providing you with a low-cost, hassle-free payment solution to help your business grow!
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Our Story

After working for different businesses and even starting a few of our own, we know the one thing that business owners can’t do without is payment processing. With over 50 years of combined experience, we have worked with countless owners to get on top of their transactions and truly take control of their finances!

We are happy to provide trustworthy payment processing solutions to businesses both local and abroad. Our team is motivated and we’re here for whatever you need. Unless it’s mowing your lawn. The only “green” we care about is the money that goes back into your business.

TMS work with:

  • Online THC & CBD merchants
  • Brick and mortar dispensaries
  • Ecommerce Mobile solutions & other high-risk merchants
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Mission Statement

Utilizing the top technologies and the fastest processes, we are the best payment processing option for businesses of any size.

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Vision Statement

We are consistently looking to grow businesses by offering the best solutions for processing payments across various industries.

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benefits of using tms

TruHarbor Merchant Solutions is very proud to launch as the exclusive low cost and reliable payment processing partner to the CBD and hemp industry. CBD and hemp products currently fall into a grey area whereby both government and financial institutions do not label them illegal but will not endorse them because of associations to marijuana. It has been particularly difficult for CBD businesses to find a reliable source for payment processing. Over a course of 3 years, TruHarbor has worked diligently to provide that solution for CBD businesses.



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